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Frequently Asked Questions


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I can't hula hoop - can I still join?

Absolutely! Anyone can take part in our classes and previous hula hoop experience or fitness experience is not a pre-requisite.
The first thing you will learn in class is how to spin and maintain a hula hoop on your waist, with top tips. The large, heavy hoops we use in class are perfect for beginners. We then give you time to perfect your hula hooping technique before starting to challenge you with different exercise techniques.

Which hula hoop should I buy?

Hoops will be provided during face to face classes and you can try out a variety of weights and sizes. Hoops are also available to buy directly from me in class. 


I own several different types of hoop weights. This is something to consider as you become more advanced with the training. Owning multiple hula hoops means you can switch between them depending on the type of workout you are doing. 

What weight of hula hoop do you recommend?


When people try to learn with a hoop that is too small for them, they often give up, not realising they just need a different sized hoop.
The space between your body and the hoop is the most important aspect of learning how to hula hoop.  If the hoop is too small, it will move very fast around your waist, meaning you have to shake those hips like Shakira to try and hold that baby up and the chances are it will probably drop. 
A larger hula hoop slows down the rotations and gives you time to feel the rhythm and move with the hoop. I recommend anything from 700g - 1.2kg. If the hoop is too heavy, the higher the risk of injury, especially for beginners. 

Is it normal to experience bruising? 

Yes It Is. Hula Hoop is a contact activity, similar to pole dancing. Beginners may therefore experience some light bruising around their abdomen. The body will start to develop denser core muscles and subcutaneous skin; bruising will reduce.

How many calories will I burn?

Hooping has been proven to burn anything from 7 calories a minute upwards! The American Council of Exercise has tested that hooping for 30 minutes can burn approximately 210kcal.  Some practitioners believe you burn up to 100 calories every 10 minutes!

With heavy hoops and rigorous cardio workouts, we expect to help you burn anything from 400-600kcal in one hour-long session. 

Remember, the harder you work, the more you burn. So, spin steady, spin fast, and you will get a mega calorie blast!

What should I wear to a hula hoop class?

When you are hula hooping, you definitely want to wear tighter fitting clothes – especially when you first start out.

Baggy clothes get in the way, and the hoop may fall down more easily. 

We recommend wearing tight fitting clothes to class; a slim fitting top, body hugging bottoms such as leggings or shorts, and of course, good sports footwear like trainers.

The less baggy clothes to get in the way and the more body-to-hoop contact you can get, the better.

Make sure you check out a recent blog on this from HulaFit; What should I wear to Hula Hoop?

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