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Fancy a FUN Fitness Alternative?

Studies have shown that people are more likely to stick with exercise they enjoy and who doesn't want a workout that they actually look forward to? Working out today really can be whatever you want it to be and it doesn’t have to be restricted to what's on at the local gym.

Rather than trying to avoid exercise like the plague, it’s always good to keep your mind open to new fitness alternatives that you may not have tried before.

It's also important to remember that working out alone can at times feel boring and unmotivating. Joining a community can make exercising feel more like a party than an actual workout!

Queue hula hooping fitness...!

Throughout the last two years you may have seen this alternative form of exercise trending on platforms such as TikTok. With hoopers all over the world sharing their skills and taking part in dance challenges with their hula hoops. Research from Pure Gym also found a dramatic increase in Google Searches for this classic childhood toy.

Hula hooping may look like fun and games, but it really does work your your entire body. Check out the numerous health benefits:

- Increased strength and toning - Clarity of mind, supporting your mental health - Improved balance - Improved co-ordination - Amazing flexibility - All round hoopy fun!

One study from the American Council On Exercise found that a 30-minute hula hoop workout has similar fitness perks to other more traditional workout techniques including boot camp, kickboxing, or a dance class of the same length.

So it's time to embrace this childhood game, find your flow and try out cool new moves and challenges as your skills increase.

If you are local to Suffolk, you can join the group of hoopers every Monday evening. It's a welcoming community, where we all have fun together and many friendships have formed in these classes.

Did you know our classes also run outside during the warmer months? Meaning we can soak in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh Suffolk air all whilst having fun!

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