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"What Hula Hoop Should I Buy?" Your Ultimate Guide!

With weighted hula hoops becoming the fastest growing fitness trend of 2022, according to Pure Gym, the question of "which hula hoop should I buy?" is becoming more and more prominent. In fact there is also more choice today than ever, from weighted hula hoops, tricks hoops to smart hoops - which one should you pick? Check out our top tips below.

Here are some things to consider before we dive in:

  • Do you have any limitations that may require a certain hula hoop weight, size or material type?

  • Where will you be hula hooping? Are you at risk of hitting furniture or other items around the home?

  • Will you be traveling with your hula hoop? Did you know there are travel hoops or collapsible hula hoops now available as well!

Hoop #1 - Weighted Hula Hoops

Weighted hula hoops can vary from 0.6kg up to 1.2kg. Anything over 1.2kg is not recommended as they can be painful to use and potentially cause injury.

They are generally approx. 100cm or 1m wide. Did you know we often say the bigger the better with your first hula hoop. Whilst the hula hoop may seem "very big" compared to the children's hoops you grew up with they are actually exactly what you need for waist hooping as an adult. The weight combined with the size allow for momentum to pick up and the hoop to say up and happy for longer!

Weighted hula hoops can either be made from MDPE piping, or you may also see them with a metal core. They can come in a variety of looks (think pretty tape, through to a padded protector on the outside). And the good news is that there is no right or wrong choice, it is what works for you. You will find that over time you will end up with a variety of hula hoops that you will play with.

The weighted hula hoops we recommend are:

- MDPE weighted hand made hula hoops from Hula With Abs, available for Suffolk residents and attendees to face to face classes. Coming in at approx. 0.9kg and a range of colours and tapes they are great as a beginner hula hoop. Email for more information. Please note they are not collapsible, so if you are looking for something to take with you on the go, you might want to consider the following ...

- Collapsible hula hoops from Hula Dancercise. Two different sizes are now available. They come in a gorgeous mint and black colour, collapsible design with padding on the outside. We really enjoy these for traveling and using in the house (as if you have a confined space the padding will reduce any risk of leaving marks on your walls). What's more if you are sensitive the padded adds a little extra protection!

Hoop #2 - Polypro Hula Hoops

Polypro hula hoops are smaller in diameter and lighter than weighted hoops. They’re designed for tricks hooping and will last you longer than a children's hoop. That said as they are a lot lighter than a weighted hula hoop please note that they will spin faster around your waist and be harder to keep up.

Hoop #3 - Children's Hula Hoops

Small kids’ hoops are what you are probably used to playing with as a child or your children have out in the garden during summer. Because they are a lot smaller and lighter than adults hula hoops they move super quickly around your body, and as a result are incredibly difficult to keep spinning on your waist. If you have tried to start hula hooping with a children's hula hoop and failed, you can blame the tool - you need an upgrade!

Not really a Hoop #4 - Smart Hoops

Smart hoops are belts that click together with a weight on a string. They have taken social media by storm over the last few years, but it should be noted they are not hula hoops and can be very loud once the spinning starts.

They are good for small spaces such as a flat or student bedroom, or when you don’t want the hoop to crash to the floor or hit your furniture. Beware ... you could end up working your legs instead of your abs (unlike if you were using a weighted hula hoop). In addition, there is a limited of what you can do with a Smart Hoop - and the boredom may set in.

To Conclude ...

When it comes to buying a hula hoop, there are a lot of options and there really is no one size fits all. You will find that once you get hooked on hula hooping your collection grows, but you'll always have your favourite.

Want to come to a class and try out hula hooping for yourself? Book below.

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